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About Me


My background

It started off mentoring first year Anthropology students at university and then I went on a little travel venture to Sri Lanka, Columbo. I mentored young people, taught English to various age groups and worked at a Psychiatric ward which led me to love helping people through a creative manner. Returning back to London I further mentored young people at a few charities until I worked at Arrival Education where I managed three youth groups in three schools. I designed programmes and facilitated them to help young people learn the life skills that are necessary in a professional world while also touching on personal developments plans. After departing from Arrival, I am now training teachers and professionals about bullying specific to young LGBTQ+ people while also running workshops for young people - at Metro Charity. In between these jobs I have been pursuing creative writing to help young people express themselves in a healthy way and learn the art of self expression and healing through creative writing. 


My writing roots

Living and learning. Writing and sharing.

My passion is self growth, development and discovery which I get to explore with creative writing. Just so you know, it didn’t start off like this. I didn’t know I had a talent for writing and even when I did start writing it was different. As I got more into it, my writing improved, but not just because of that. I opened up my heart and just poured it out on paper. I don’t follow any practices but I do pray by writing out to the universe in hope for some kind of response. Many young people in society aren’t given the right tools to express their feelings so I do this by the only way I know how to- through writing and sharing. Each piece is unique and transparent and my goal remains empowering you to find ways to express your feelings in your own way – it doesn’t just have to be by writing.


My style

I don't have a specific writing style - I prefer the freedom that comes with freestyle writing but I do enjoy writing with prompts, journaling and following writing challenges through different social media platforms. I have taken part in many writing challenges which inspired me to create my own writing prompt challenge in May, that helped me practice the art of self expression among my daily working habits. I'm constantly learning new ways to connect writing to different chapters in life and have come to learn that emotions best flow when there's not much planning but writing!