Creative Writing workshops

Mothers & Daughters


A Mothers & Daughters Workshop is an experience through different creative writing exercises.

Mothers and daughters work individually and in their pairs and explore writing prompts that resonate best with them and produce content to share with the rest of the group. 

They also participate in free flow writing based on a theme which helps them disengage with their conscious mind and engage with their subconscious mind.

It is a powerful tool to bring together relationships and to use it as a safe space within a creative platform to share any underlying emotions that may be suppressed. 

In the past, participants have expressed that they felt it was a space to share the pieces they had created and they felt comfortable to, considering that for some, it was their first time connecting with words. 

Self Expression & Healing


Drawing on different ways to express words - introducing the concept of alliteration through short stories and practicing writing prompts as a means to connect with specific prompts. 

Also exploring blackout writing for a more engaging way to create material and finish on free flow writing. 

Our free flow writing exercise provide a great way for people to disconnect with their conscious mind and freely write while reconnecting with their subconscious. 

In the past, this has made for some extremely engaging pieces! Participants fed back that they found the space very comfortable and safe considering this was their “first experience of writing to express and not writing to impress”. 

This workshop can be made adaptable to deliver to young people, adults, mental health service users and other cliental.